Brynn Hendricks is the pen name for Brittany Hendricks, who pronounces her given name atypically and chose Brynn as a print-friendly alternative. She has kept one foot in an imagined world since age two, when she befriended the kitchen dishwasher, and has been world-building from the moment she was given her own bedroom, which she promptly repurposed as a model-horse metropolis. As an adult she completed the prestigious fiction writing curriculum at Northwestern University, earning a minor in writing while majoring in trumpet performance.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brynn’s work in contact tracing left her deeply convinced of the importance of story, and she has since begun laying the groundwork for a long-term commitment to fiction. When not working Brynn enjoys checking out too many books from the library, trail running with her pointer-mix (Scout), and attempting to watch episodes of Alone amidst the baying of a basset hound puppy (Cannon). Much of the best of her life is thanks to trombonist Bruce Faske, her husband since 2016.

Curious about Brynn’s music career? Please visit brittanyhendricks.com.